Further Education CPD in Object Orientated Programming

IT Tallaght & the Further Education Support Service


This event has been annual for me, since I first spoke to the Further Education Support Team (FESS). FESS teamed up with IT Tallaght, to bring CPD in the two Object Orientated Programming modules (the NFQ level, 5 and level 6). This work is very important to me, as not only is it useful to other educators,it provides me with a link to teachers, on the ground so to speak, where the feedback and responses I get from open questions, really help me gain a valuable insight to current ideas and issues. I can then reflect on this, and iterate my CPD to include these new ideas and topics.

We had a large turnout and the feedback was amazing. We covered several topics: classes, instances of classes, class libraries, abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, constructors and much more. We also discussed several overarching topics, such as skills demonstrations, assessment, examinations, plagiarism and laboratory work.
If any one missed the CPD, they can contact me and I will send out the notes from the day.